Rory Gilmore Is All Grown Up! Everything You Need to Know About Her New Look

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The cast and crew of Gilmore Girls have stayed tight lipped what really goes down in the Netflix revival of the show, but the one thing we do know? Rory’s look has come a long way from her Chilton uniforms. 

When we last saw Rory (Alexis Bledel) it was 2007 and she was just a wide-eyed ingenue and heading off for her first big assignment—to cover Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Now almost 10 years (and two presidential terms) later, she’s back in Stars Hallow with a chic, new wardrobe.

“We were very particular about how we thought Rory should look because yes, she is older, but we still wanted to keep some type of continuity for the character,” says Brenda Maben, the costume designer for both the original series and the new Netflix special, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. “Rory is still the same person. She still loves to read. She still loves to write. But the difference is she is more mature and she has acquired really good taste over the years.” 

Since Rory’s shopping options have opened up beyond her hometown, Maben says the outfit possibilities were endless. “Because Rory has been traveling, she would pick up a piece or two in whatever place she was in. When she lived in England, she might go to Selfridges or browse around the stores on Oxford Street. And when she goes home, I think she would take a train into New York with Lorelai because Connecticut is not that far. They would wander into different boutiques. I always dressed her in outfits that she would be able to put together herself.”

Keep reading for more fashion scoop on Rory’s new look. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres November 25 on Netflix.

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