Portable Yurt, Anyone? The Goop Gift Roundup Is Here and We’re Picking Favorites

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Sure, Gwyneth Paltrow knows how to receive—she won an Oscar, after all. But her true talent lies in giving.

Annually, the 44-year-old actress and lifestyle blogger releases a gift roundup on her site, Goop. Each year, the guide seems to get more and more extravagant—the 2012 list featured a “24 KT Gold iPhone Passive Horn Amplifier,” 2013 a $120 limited-edition slingshot, 2014 a $12,000 diamond vase, 2015 a $46,000 Hermes Mah Jong set … you get the gist.

This year, Goop readers will have the chance to purchase their very own portable yurt, among many other fabulous and uniquely Goop-y items. You can see all of Paltrow’s many picks here, sorted by personality type and category. Purchase presents for the “Thinker” on your gift list, the “Traveler,” “Host,” “Health Nut,” “Lover,” “Cook,” and the “Under-18” set. You can sort through a collection labeled “Ridiculous” (e.g., an $8,300 portable yurt), experience-based, or opt for a simple stocking stuffer.

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Browse our top picks from GOOP’s roundup below.

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